The 6.03 patch notes for Valuable Patch Notes nerfs the FPS cutest couple

The 6.03 patch notes for Valuable Patch Notes nerfs the FPS cutest couple ...

The all-new 6.03 update for Valorant Patches comes into play in the next round. There's not much else to worry about except for the latest cute couple Killjoy and Raze, which aren't entirely gamebreaking.

Killjoy and Raze nerfs in Valuable Patch 6.03

Killjoy and Raze are both taking some minor tweaks this patch, but they won't send them to the bottom of the Valuable Tier list.

The cute little mechanical beasts from Killjoy (aka Turrets) are now down to 125, meaning that players will be able to destroy them more easily in the first rounds of each match. Her Lockdown will also cost more, skewing the ultimate towards the mid to late game.

The Boom Bot from Raze has also suffered a setback, which means we won't be able to see it bounce off of multiple surfaces at random for ten seconds, as a wasp does with a window. It's instead been reduced to five seconds, which isn't a big deal for players who are already making use of their mobility to dodge the smiling, powerful beast.

6.03 patch notes - a valuable addition

Riot Games provides the entire Valorant patch notes for the 6.03 update.


  • Turret (E) health decreased 125 >>> 100○ Reducing the total health of the Turret will allow for opponents to have an easier time destroying it, particularly with weaker weapons.
  • Lockdown (X) point cost increased 7 >>> 8
  • Boom Bot (C) duration decreased 10s >>> 5s

Swiftplay is a game that you may have never heard of.

  • Remember when we told you the Swiftplay Beta would end in January. We sort of lied. Everyone decided to just keep it on. Please keep sending us your feedback, though!
  • Added Real Time Text Evaluation (NA only to start) to the Agent Select screen.
  • Adjusted Sage, Neon, Jett, and Yoru’s hair heights to fit within our standardized vertical range
  • AI (such as Skye’s Seekers [X]) will now travel through the crouch-only connection on Pearl near the Defender’s spawn area
  • Fixed a bug where KAY/O would sometimes be able to move after being downed during NULL/cmd (X)

If both the Raze and Killjoy nerfs eat into your playstyle, it's probably worth keeping an eye on the finest Valorant crosshairs in order to keep yourself firmly in the Valorant ranks — I'm a Viper OTP, okay, I understand how much even the smallest of nerfs can hurt.