Mick Gordon, the composer of Atomic Heart, is donating money to Ukraine

Mick Gordon, the composer of Atomic Heart, is donating money to Ukraine ...

Mick Gordon, the composer of Doom and Wolfenstein, has announced that he would donate his "fee" from the upcoming Atomic Heart to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, with the FPS game expected to launch later this month on PC Game Pass and Steam.

Gordon declares that he is "proud to donate my fee from the game" to the Austrailialian Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal, which provides emergency relief and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine via shelter, food, clothing, medicine, and other items.

Gordon concludes his remarks, "Working with Mundfish is a real pleasure." As such, the team prioritizes creativity and artistic freedom, as evidenced by the game's striking art direction and detailed world-building.

Gordon says he's proud to donate my share of the game to the Australian Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal in support of Ukrainians who are heroically protecting their country from aggression.

Gordon says he is "honoured to use my service to assist Ukraine's people."

Mundfish also spoke recently about Atomic Heart's BioShock influences, stating that while there are some similarities in how it handles immersion, the link isn't a complete "accurate comparison," as a long Atomic Heart gameplay video also gave us our best view of the sci-fi shooter yet.

Later this month, Atomic Heart will be released on Steam and PC Game Pass.

With a handy handbook, we've broken down the Atomic Heart skills, and we've even answered the question: "How long is Atomic Heart?"

Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, and the conflict in the country is currently going on. The Ukraine Crisis Appeal, the International Rescue Committee, and the British Red Cross provide humanitarian assistance and assistance to Ukrainians caught in the conflict, as well as those seeking asylum elsewhere.