Microtransactions or paid DLC will not be available in Wild Hearts

Microtransactions or paid DLC will not be available in Wild Hearts ...

Wild Hearts, Koei Tecmo's upcoming game about hunting enormous monsters, will not have microtransactions or paid add-on content post-launch, the developers have reaffirmed in an online question and answer session. It appears to be taking a slightly different approach to games like Monster Hunter, with no costumes or other add-on items to purchase separately.

The Wild Hearts development team held a Twitter question-and-answer session on February 14 to answer questions from fans who are awaiting the Wild Hearts release date later in the week. One fan noted that Wild Hearts is published by EA and asked if it would include "any type of microtransactions."

"We have no intentions to include MTX in Wild Hearts," the team said. "All post-launch content updates will be free, including new Kemono subspecies coming in March, and even more to come soon!"

Wild Hearts will contain over 20 monsters at its launch, many more coming in free DLC. The developers have also stated before that they do not intend to do microtransactions, cosmetic or otherwise. That still appears to be the intention.

The Wild Hearts team has also assured players that Omega Force is working to improve performance, and that DLSS and FSR support will be included in a future patch, which should result in significant improvements for several graphics cards.

If you're a PC Game Pass or EA Play subscriber, you can get Wild Hearts right now in a 10-hour trial. It's important to first check out the Wild Hearts system requirements to ensure your graphics card stays up to date.