The Darktide loot in Warhammer 40k will be updated in the next patch

The Darktide loot in Warhammer 40k will be updated in the next patch ...

According to a recent dev blog, loot in Warhammer 40k Darktide should soon be easier to get your grubby reject mitts on. The developers of the sci-fi cooperative game claim they've been working on a variety of changes to the core system by which players earn new gear, and while some of the changes are fairly minor, players are still concerned about aspects that are relatively unchanged.

First, however, is the good news: Darktide's developers admit they've heard loud and clear criticism of item acquisition, and they're taking steps to make this process less frustrating: there's the Armoury Exchange, where players may spend dockets earned by fulfilling missions to purchase a rotating assortment of gear and trinkets; there's the Emperor's Gift, which adds an item to end-of-mission rewards when certain conditions are met; and there's Sire Melk's

Fatshark says that each of these gear sources will undergo a significant makeover with the next Darktide patch. Any profane-tier version of any weapon type authorized at your current level will be available in the Armoury Exchange, as will the hourly selection of items.

The Emperor's Gift will be awarded at the end of every mission rather than occasionally, based on performance. Mission performance will still matter, though, and you'll earn items with greater likelihood of accomplishing missions on higher difficulty levels while also taking less time to accomplish them.

The Requisitorium contracts from Sire Melk will take less effort to complete, and you'll earn more ingots for each one you complete. Fatshark says it's also combining the Darktide grimoires and scriptures collection contracts into a single contract, and making some additional adjustments.

Players are resentful of the crafting method found at the Omnissiah's shrine, but Fatshark's post indicates that it will not alter a controversial element of perk refinement and re-blessing, which allows players to re-roll one of a weapon's perks or blessings while locking in the other permanently.

This means that while players may modify an undesirable attribute or blessing on a weapon they like, they'll still be stuck with the same one, whether or not they like it. At higher levels, the argument goes, this effectively still means a sub-par piece of gear, and going into a mission without fully optimized gear is unacceptable.

The changes described by Fatshark should result in players earning gear more frequently and faster, giving them greater chances of finding or developing a perk combination they can work with, while still having a reason to try out new bonuses and blessings they might otherwise have overlooked.

Fatshark says it will continue to monitor player feedback as soon as the next patch arrives, and make further changes as necessary.

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