The Gotham Knights patch fixes errors and boosts performance

The Gotham Knights patch fixes errors and boosts performance ...

If you've been waiting for a Gotham Knights update, here's good news: an update has been released, which includes a good array of improvements and fixes for the superhero game. In some areas, this patch should improve performance, stability, and visual fidelity, as well as some nice interface improvements.

The patch includes enhancements for several crashes in the open world, as well as crashes that occur when using fast travel points, when returning to the main menu, and while using the text-to-speech accessibility feature.

WB Games has improved rendering speeds, streaming time, and actor spawn time and performance, and the developers have reduced the risk of GPU and CPU collisions.

The patch also addresses some artifacts you might notice during the Clayface boss fight, as well as a GPU driver check that should keep your graphics card up to date.

The patch includes UI/UX tweaks as well – this includes missing sound effects for the menus, a fresh rewrite of the social wheel, and general tightening of the bolts across the social menu.

If you've been considering purchasing a copy of Gotham Knights, make sure to check out the Gotham Knights system requirements before you go out with the Batfam.