The Villager roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley are now available

The Villager roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley are now available ...

As part of the Festival of Friendship, the next Dreamlight Valley update is coming to an end, and developer Gameloft has revealed yet another significant change to one of the best Disney games. If you've been wanting to upgrade your fishing, mining, or farming bonuses in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can now do so thanks to the addition of new training manuals.

One of the greatest joys of Disney is finding out about the vibrant cast of Dreamlight Valley characters in your village and making friends with them. Each character can be assigned to one of five different roles, including mining, fishing, foraging, and digging. They'll give you additional points if you perform their chosen task.

This is a huge bonus, potentially doubling up your valuable fish, gems, and crops as you collect them, and assisting you in making quick money in Dreamlight Valley. Importantly, the chance for bonus items increases as you assign more villagers to a specific role – meaning that if you want to specialise in one thing, it is helpful to have plenty of your villagers assigned to it early on, only to realize you've changed your priorities.

The Dreamlight Valley Encanto update 'A Festival of Friendship' includes a strategy to correct your mistakes from the past. There are no specific instructions on what you'll need to make them, but they're a welcome change that shows that Gameloft is paying attention to player feedback.

I was totally overloaded on fishing early on, but as I advanced further into the late game I've mostly turned to farming as my main income source (pumpkins, anyone?) only to discover myself lacking in gathering specialists. I'm eager to jump into this update and increase my bonuses even further, since the ability to get unlimited coal when the next update arrives.

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