Dragonflight now supports cross-realm Mythic raiding thanks to WoW patch notes

Dragonflight now supports cross-realm Mythic raiding thanks to WoW patch notes ...

The new WoW patch notes, as someone whose main World of Warcraft character remains stuck on a different realm from my pals, are a dream come true. Sure, I might pay for a transfer, but Blizzard's February 14 fix for the MMO adds cross-realm Mythic raiding for Dragonflight, meaning I don't need to pay $25 / £19 to raid high tiers with friends.

The official WoW website does not include this change at the time of writing, but the Warcraft Twitter account does list a wide array of hotfixes that were apparently released on February 14.

“Hotfix highlights are coming out today: Cross-realm Mythic raiding, uncapped Valor and Conquest, Mythic Raz [Raszageth] adjustments, and class balance,” reads the tweet. None of these have been discussed in full so far, but the cross-realm Mythic raiding and uncapped Valor and Conquest are two very exciting changes.

This new cross-realm raid system is extremely handy, because, let's face it, transferring can be expensive. So, if you're looking to go low tier and quest together across realms but keep your focus on PvP, then this hotfix will make it easier to do just that.

The other notable feature is obviously the uncapped Valor and Conquest. For those who dropped out of Shadowlands before Valor was re-released, it's a specific currency used to upgrade Mythic+ gear. Conquest is also used to upgrade PvP gear. This will allow you to farm easier, upgrade more often, and upgrade better gear.

Natürlich, the other features of the hotfix, such as class tuning and modifications to Mythic Raszagaeth, are also important, but we'll have to wait and see what they are.

Until then, here's a WoW Dragonflight tier list to help you pick your class and spec, as well as all of the best WoW addons to make your battle against the tempest herself a little easier.