Is Wild Hearts available on Steam Deck?

Is Wild Hearts available on Steam Deck? ...

Does Wild Hearts run on Steam Deck? If you're interested in EA's answer to Monster Hunter, you're probably already wanting to have it on the go. We've tested it out on the portable powerhouse to avoid any launch day issues.

Before jumping into the Wild Hearts demo, we'd suggest checking out the system requirements first. These include an RTX 2070 and 16GB RAM. You'll also need to free up 80GB to meet the game's size requirements, but you might want to hang fire before purchasing the best Steam Deck SD card.

Is the Steam Deck for Wild Hearts compatible?

Wild Hearts will not be available on Steam Deck at the launch, but there is a smidgeon of hope for On-the-Go Monster Hunter fans. During a Reddit AMA, a member of the developers team stated that Valve handheld support would not be available at launch. However, they also stated that the co-op caper might acquire Steam Deck compatibility status in the future.

Wild Hearts on Steam Deck was chosen instead of taking Koei Techmo's word for it. The outcome? The game was enjoyable, but the experience was far from great. Every setting was lowered, and an eventual crash served as an unfortunate cherry on the top. Even if tweaking visuals down would work, we'd advise against doing it.

Despite this, we believe that Wild Hearts isn't quite out of reach, since it's not to say that it "runs" on the handheld, as it's more like a slow walk into a disappointing abyss. Yet, it officially supports Valve's built-in controls, giving it an advantage over other games that utilize the company's portable powerhouse.