In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you complete Minding Your Own Business?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you complete Minding Your Own Business? ...

Have you ever dreamed of owning a shop in the wizarding world? In Hogwarts Legacy, you can do exactly that by purchasing your shop from Cassandra Mason. It even comes with your own house elf. Minding Your Own Business is one of the many side quests in Hogsmeade that allows you to start your own business.

In Hogwarts Legacy, a walkthrough for Minding Your Own Business is provided.

Later in the game, you can find Penny the House Elf on the eastern side of Hogsmeade.

Penny will inform you that a shop is for sale in Hogsmeade and that it is being sold by Cassandra Mason. If you want to start your own business, go to the northern end of Hogsmeade and ask that you pay her 1,500 Galleons for the shop. There are many ways to make money in Hogwarts Legacy such as selling you gear or even selling beasts.

Return to Penny in Hogsmeade and talk to her. Afterwards, go inside your new shop and start using Reparo on the piles of furniture to tidy everything up. Once everything is cleaned up, go to the back room and open the chest. You will be given a cutscene where your character climbs down a ladder that magically spawns in the cellar.

Make your way to the small chest in the back of the cellar. Open the chest to get an Elf-sized Hat. Turn around and the door to the room will slam shut. After this, the mannequins will start moving and the lights will flicker. Soon you will be in a blank room with mannequins hanging from the ceiling. Look on the walls until a door opens.

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As you enter a long hallway, you will hear Fastidio's voice and see him fly over you. Look to the end of the hallway and through the door. Feel free to destroy the terrifying mannequins in the process. When you enter the box, the lights will flicker again, and you will be in a dungeon surrounded by bones.

The room will be transformed once more when you go through the entrance and follow the hallway until you reach another room filled with furniture and a locked door on the other side. Move the lantern over to the open-hand statue on the right of the door.

Fastidio will taunt your character in a cutscene and throw some furniture at you afterward. You can either use a destructive spell like Bombardo to destroy the furniture or you can dodge it. Be wary if you don't succeed.

Taking the left path

The left path is the scholarly route. This will take you to a large library with a large statue in the center. Run to the statue and turn to the right. This will take you to a dining area. Hang a left here, prompting the room to change again.

  • Left Door – Takes you back to the cellar. Interact with the ladder at the end to make the floor cave out and take you back to the three doors.
  • Center Door – Takes you to a hallway where you will run around in circles. Turn around and run the opposite way to come to a door and progress. Make your way through the hallway to where a spider jumps you. Shortly after, you will return to the room with three doors.
  • Right Door – Takes you to a room with a mannequin and a jack-in-the-box sitting on a table. Interact with the box to teleport you to a hallway filled with mannequins. The mannequins will attack you. Destroy them all with your spells. You will be placed in front of the three doors after.

Whichever door you choose first will return you to the dining area. Return to the library, using Wingardium Leviosa on the lantern on your journey. Place the lantern near the library's entrance.

Take the next steps to the left of the statue. You will see a balcony in an upside-down room when you turn around and go back through the hallway to where the staircase meets you. This will take you to the bathroom on the opposite side of the room. Use Accio to grab the lantern.

The door next to you will swing open. The lamp will be led through the door and to the hand statue on the other side. Continue to the left side of the lamp and climb up through the upside-down door to reach the other side of the room where all of the items are stacked up. Go up the stairs and find the lantern floating in the room. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the lantern over to the hand statue in the room.

The wall will sway. Go through the entranceway that appears and then turn around and place the lantern toward you to make the room sway. Release the lantern and place it on the hand statue to open the door back to the library. The two doors will open. Dodge the furniture for a while and he will disappear. Return to the foyer.

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Taking the correct path

The right path leads to the atrium. At the end of the room, two lanterns must be opened. Start by taking the left path. This will take you back into a corridor. Turn around once more and you will see an open door.

Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the lantern on the left to the hand statue. This will open a door.Continue through the large room with doors. Use Wingardium Leviosa once more to move the lantern to the next hand statue. Go back through the backroom area to where the third hand statue is located and place another lantern there. This will open a door.

A swarm of mannequins will erupt into the atrium. Go through the door and down the hallway. The lights will go out. Use Lumos to see and go back down the hallway to where you see an open door. Go in, grab the chest, and leave. You will be back in another hallway. Place the lantern on the right side of the hand statue.

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After following the correct path, you will enter a room with a fireplace. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the lantern to the hand statue and then go through the door on the other side of the room. You will then be introduced to a game of wizard's chess. Use Revelio to discover which spots on the board you are unable to walk.

Follow the corridor back to the room with the fireplace. Remove the lantern from the hand statue using Accio and place it on the side of the room you are on. This will provide a pathway for you to take to open the entrance in the atrium. Fight off mannequins and dodge furniture before returning to the foyer.

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Fastidio is a term used to refer to fastidio.

The room door in the back will open once you have completed both of the pathways and made it back to the foyer. Go through it and follow the pathway to the cemetery. After the cutscene, Fastidio will summon a furniture monster that has the same moveset as a troll.

Fastidio will regenerate the monster and summon mannequins to assist it once a third of the monster's health has been exhausted. When the monster's health has been removed, Fastidio will turn your screen upside-down. It shouldn't take too long to adjust to this new perspective.

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After the monster is defeated, you will get a second cutscene with Fastidio. He will thank you for all the fun you have had. Return to your shop and talk to Penny. Afterwards, speak to officer Singer in the center of town.

Cassandra Mason is in a position to fight.

A boss fight will begin when you confront Cassandra. She uses fairly standard attacks. Be sure to dodge when necessary and use Protego to stun her on occasion.

When a third of her health is gone, she will receive a shield. Wait for her to throw an object. Use Protego and then cast Stupefy to break the shield and be able to damage her again. When two-thirds of her health remains, she will use a mix of her shield, teleportation, and spells.

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Return to the shop and talk to Penny when the fight is over. Pick a name for your shop, and your quest will come to an end.