Kirby gives you a hug and a cute Valentine's Day read-along

Kirby gives you a hug and a cute Valentine's Day read-along ...

Nintendo has given Kirby fans a Valentine-themed present today, with the release of its newest installment to the It's Kirby Time read-along series, A Hug from Kirby. In this 6-minute narrated video, we see Kirby explore the idea of love with the help of his friend Adeleine and all the classic characters from the world of Kirby in a cutesy tale appropriate to the character.

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The video is part of a series of read-alongs featuring Kirby and his pals that were originally released as self-contained picture books in Japan as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations and the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Each story is centered around a positive theme or message, and all contain soothing music and cute hand-drawn illustrations to accompany the stories.

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Kirby is learning about love from all of his friends in this sweet tale that was released on Valentine's Day. It's certainly a great time to be a fan of the puffball, because in that game, he demonstrated that he was willing and willing to protect his loved ones from "the ultimate life form."