Overwatch 2 OW2 Tank tier list: Best Tanks

Overwatch 2 OW2 Tank tier list: Best Tanks ...

Overwatch 2's Tank class has been completely reimagined. By eliminating one Tank from both teams in each match and limiting shields, the tank class has become less about protecting teammates and more about engaging in battles and brawling their way to victory. Here is a list of the best Tank heroes from Season 2 as of the beginning of Season 2.

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Overwatch 2's top Tank tier list

  • Orisa, Sigma, Zarya

Orisa's rework has transformed her into a brutal threat, giving her new weapons and improved survivability in scraps. She will get in your face and simply outlast you, and she is a keystay at the top of the Best Tank List in Overwatch 2.

Sigma is really good right now with the way his Supports have been restored. It's essential to keep areas safe from being shut down. If the Sigma is able to work well with his Supports, he's unstoppable.

Zarya is the most powerful weapon against an Orisa, making her the next best choice. Her bubble shield placement will determine or hinder your progress, but when you get charged up, handling her can instill fear in the other players.

  • Reinhardt, Wrecking Ball

Reinhardt remains the most reliable shield, but his offensive abilities have been upgraded to be better. He is now more likely to be able to jump into scrums with opponents and walk away, although Orisa can cause significant difficulties, and Sigma is more adjustable.

Wrecking Ball is a very solid player, with some tough enemies.

  • D.Va, Ramattra, Winston

D.Va is, as with almost always, a Tank that can do almost anything. She is extremely mobile and can do a ton of damage in a short period. She may be your best choice to chase down long-range foes who are picking off your team. Be careful with this tactic.

Ramattra's announcement for Season 2 sparked a lot of discussion about him being an unstoppable beast in regards to the best Tanks, but outside of his Ultimate, he is fine. He is quite easy to dethrone for the Tank role, and although his two weapons have their uses, they are quite ineffective.

After Roadhog's nerfs, Winston is a little higher in this list. This opens up space for Reaper to grab him, but Winston will be much more important this season for jumping on Widowmaker and other strong hit-scans.

  • Doomfist, Roadhog

Doomfist's transition to the Tank slot will take some time to perfect. He can be intimidating, but he doesn't seem like a must-choose at this point. Unless you are really good on Doomfist, you will likely end up dying or running from battles where you didn't leave much of a mark.

Roadhog is dealing with a lot of injuries after losing his hook shot. While he was the king of the Tank tier list in Season 2, this season is a bit rougher on him. He is not a great player unless he is putting enemies in positions to help him out.