Fans are convinced this Singer is behind the bull on 'The Masked Singer'

Fans are convinced this Singer is behind the bull on 'The Masked Singer' ...

The Masked Singer has repeatedly failed to impress millions of fans (and its own judges) for their inspiration for the band's many seasons on the air, and it's rare that judges are able to quickly figure out who each mystery singer is.

With that being said, the newest season sees a new set of characters take to the stage, one of which is Bull, a matador-styled bull-masked performer who, like many of the artists before him, is weighing judges and fans on who Bull is. Here's a breakdown of who Bull is.

The Clues, the Clues, and the Bull on 'The Masked Singer'

Fans began to develop theories for who was behind the mask because a few facts about who Bull is on this season's episode of 'The Masked Singer' were revealed through their first clue package.

  • They march "to the beat of [their] own drum."
  • They enjoyed hanging out in their garage as a kid.
  • The presence of an ornate umbrella.
  • A picture of the Disney Concert Hall.
  • They have quite an imagination.
  • Their first performance was inspired by their first crush.

In Episode 4, we got another clue package with the following clues:

  • "My parties are notorious for having rave music, [and] everybody dancing."
  • Scrubs and a stethoscope
  • An invitation to Carnegie Hall

Here are the clues: Episode 6 of Bull's Got a new clue package:

  • A pile of nails
  • A picture of Hall and Oates
  • Theatrical masks
  • Cockroaches
  • A red windmill

During the Season 6 Semi-Finals, we received another clue package for Bull with the following hints:

  • "I'm used to being a solo performer."
  • "[Skunk] is somebody I listened to as a child."

During the Group A final, there was one more clue package for the Bull that included the following hints:

  • "I'm a person who has never really believed in my voice."
  • "With every round I discovered what I had in common with the Bull: I am tough, I'm romantic, I'm a fighter."
  • The Bull will be performing a duet with Season 3 runner up, Jesse McCartney.

Aside from those hints, we can clearly see that Bull has a broad-shouldered structure and some sort of dancing ability. The costume is, of course, the head of a bull, but the rest of the outfit is a fitted matador-style suit with gold tassels, polished hooves, and a red cape.

The Guesses' Bull on 'The Masked Singer' The Masked Singer'

Spoiler alert: While we don't know who is behind the Bull mask, the proper identity may be spoiled in the guesses below.

Fans may be concerned about who could be behind the bull mask during this season's series of The Masked Singer. Todrick Hall, Antonio Banderas, and Gilbert Gottfried are among the many names suggested by fans.

Fans are convinced the only answer is Todrick Hall because the scream in 'Circus' is the exact scream in 'Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels' music video. "You just have to listen for the scream," one person said on The Masked Singer Instagram, comparing Todrick's songs to Britney Spears' "Circus," which Bull performed.

"I could tell whose voice it was, It's Todrick Hall," wrote one Reddit user, who is completely convinced.

"I listen to the song 'Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels' religiously and I can easily confirm, the voice, the stage presence, and of course the walk, it is screaming Todrick Hall. If it's not I will eat my favorite underwear."

Here are a few more clues we received regarding who Bull may be:

So, who is Bull on 'The Masked Singer'?The answer is...

Despite the aforementioned rumors, Bull hasn't been revealed on the program yet! However, we'll be sure to update as soon as he is!