How to Get the Rerelease of 'Avatar' in Theaters

How to Get the Rerelease of 'Avatar' in Theaters ...

Even though a loooooooooong-awaited sequel is expected by the end of this year, as well as an additional three more to follow, there will never be another film quite like James Cameron's Avatar (2009).

The science fiction epic has remained the highest-grossing film of all time, reviving a cultural movement and fundamentally changing how films look at CGI and special effects. Though many consider the film to be overrated (so much so that one might argue that the film is no longer "overrated" anymore), Avatar has become one of the most culturally relevant and universally recognizable feature films of the twenty-first century.

With Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) will finally continue. The couple are still exploring the dangerous planet of Pandora and have even children of their own, but they must prepare their family for the coming conflict when an old adversary returns.

Some may want a refresher for the story so far, since it has been over a decade since we last saw Pandora. Thankfully, James Cameron knew this, and Avatar is returning to theaters in 3D, the way Cameron has always demanded it be seen. However, with what he calls a "remastered" version of Avatar, this is much more than your average re-release.

Watch the Trailer for the Avatar Re-Release

The above video makes it seem a little redundant. However, it should provide a brief reminder of how great Avatar's visuals are. You'll find everything you've come to expect from Avatar in the trailer, including the Na'vi, the lizards that inhabit Pandora, and the invasive humans who are attempting to claim it as theirs.

When Does the Avatar Re-Release Come Out?

Avatar: The Return of the World's Animals is right around the corner, and it's only available in theaters for a limited time, as it will be unavailable from most as early as Thursday, September 29th.

What Formats is the Avatar Re-Release Playing in?

The easiest way to see Avatar in IMAX 3D is without a doubt. The greatest screen possible, the finest sound quality of any screen, and a three-dimensional experience unlike anything in the motion picture industry. This is how James Cameron has always intended Avatar to be seen.

Avatar will also be available in standard and digital 3D if you do not have an IMAX theater in your immediate vicinity.

Is Avatar Available to Watch on Streaming?

Avatar: The Way of Water, the film that was purchased by the Walt Disney Company, had its streaming service on Disney+. However, in an effort to encourage more people to take the seat for the theatrical re-release, the company has withdrawn the film entirely. However, the 2009 film will almost certainly be back on Disney+ in time for the release of Avatar: The Way of Water later this year.

Is the Avatar Release Like the Original Theatrical Release?

Cameron explained that this is not a simple cash-grab re-release, but a remastered version of the original. These include a new 4K resolution, a fantastic high-dynamic range, a ear-drum-favorite 9.1 sound, and select sequences that have been increased to 48 frames-per-second rather than the industry standard 24 frames-per-second.

It's anticipated that the theatrical version of the film that will be re-released will be different from the Blu-ray special or extended versions.

What Is the Plot of Avatar?

Although we have talked about the film in terms of its re-release, we also acknowledge that the film's comeback might be the first time that Avatar will be seen in theaters, and that you may get the chance to see it in the way it was intended to be seen. Here's a quick, spoiler-free summary of the legendary film.

Avatar is the story of Jake Sully, a disabled veteran who recently lost his twin brother, Tom, and their employers offer him a completely unique opportunity. The RDA is currently excavating on the planet Pandora, a hostile jungle environment where an intelligent race of aliens known as the Na'vi exist, and since Jake's physiology is nearly identical to that of his twin brother, he's the only viable candidate to take his place.

Jake meets the Avatar science team led by Dr. Grace Augustine, who dislikes Jake as he isn't the scientific mind that his brother was. He also meets Quaritch, the head of the RDA's extensive security force, who offers Jake the opportunity to cover a costly procedure that would allow him to walk permanently as long as he is a spy for him. With the help of Neytiri, Jake learns the way of the Na'vi and begins the process of becoming a member of the

Jake finds himself at a difficult crossroads: Will he assist the RDA in espionage so that they may capture the planet, or will he stand behind humanity and protect the Na'vi's home?