Bungie's cheater retaliates, alleging that the studio hacked them

Bungie's cheater retaliates, alleging that the studio hacked them ...

Oh, how the tables have changed. Bungie, the studio that created Destiny 2 and, at its original, Halo, has been at war with cheaters and trolls over the past two years, and it now faces one of its competitors. They allege that Bungie performed more or less what it accuses them of doing.

AimJunkies, a cheat manufacturer that has been arguing with Bungie in court for more than a year, claims that Bungie hacked a developers' computer for information about the cheat manufacturers in a countersuit filed last week in federal court in Washington state (first reported by TorrentFreak).

Bungie alleged that AimJunkies harmed Destiny 2's copyrights by making cheats for the live-service shooter. In May, AimJunkies replied that cheating isnt breaking the law, and that Bungie's copyright claim was valid. A court ruled in favor, but gave Bungie the opportunity to revise its argument.

AimJunkies replies to Bungies claim that the studio actually hacked May. Bungie changed its Limited Software License Agreement (LSLA) in order to permit the studio to access players' computers for the software, according to AimJunkies.

Bungie hacked Mays computer multiple times from 2019 until the studio implemented the LSLA changes in 2021, according to a counterclaim. If Bungie had logged into Destiny 2, he would have obtained that information from May.

AimJunkies, its parent company Phoenix Digital, and May are seeking unspecified damages in their counterclaim.

It's all part of an ongoing and multi-layered legal battle, which is quite complex, with many accusations being brought across the table. It's also unclear how robust AimJunkies' legal strategy is here. But it's certainly novel, and it puts pressure on Bungie, who has been the sole aggressor in this and other cases till now.