The Major Fans of Walt's beloved Disneyland apartment just received an update

The Major Fans of Walt's beloved Disneyland apartment just received an update ...

Three Disney theme parks have opened in the United Kingdom, but there was only one that Walt Disney himself ever stepped inside. Only a few people see it, day or night, because a lamp always glows in the window. As of this week, it's a different lamp.

The majority of those who pass by the Disneyland Firehouse will certainly not notice it, but those who know what the lamp is and why it is always burning noticed that the lamp was recently replaced. The image below is a photo I took at the beginning of September.

The New Lamp in the Walts Apartment. #Disneyland 19, 2022

The fact that the lamp was put on the window in the first place when Walt was alive is a significant piece of Disneyland history. After Walt's death, someone was sweeping the room and turning the light off, only to see it turn back on again after getting down to street level. The lamp is still burning constantly, as a way of recognizing Walt's presence in the park at all times.

Walt planned to redevelop a new apartment on New Orleans Square because he felt the firehouse space was too small. The 21 Royal restaurant has since been converted into an exclusive dining establishment. There were also plans to enclose a Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom, but Walt died before construction began.

The new lamp, while not directly related to Walt Disney, represents a significant shift in design from the previous one. However, it appears that part of the reason for the change might be historical accuracy. At least one old photo of the apartment when Walt was in it, posted by Walt Disney Animation Studios' Bruce Wright, shows a lamp somewhat similar to the one that is there now.

FANTASTIC!!!! (While the older lights have become popular, this is far more accurate than the one that was there when Walt was there.)

The color of the window is likely to be something that requires some adaptation. The appearance of the lamp isn't as important as the fact that there is no lamp in the window at all, but certainly those who pay that much attention will be quite used to the old lamp in the end. And eventually, they'll be able to repair it once more.