Im not sure what we are doing: Fnatic star says team hasnt scrimmed ahead of World Cup 2022

Im not sure what we are doing: Fnatic star says team hasnt scrimmed ahead of World Cup 2022 ...

Teams from around the world are preparing for the largest tournament of the year, with only a week left until the 2022 League of Legends World Championship starts. However, according to Fnatics star AD carry Elias Upset Lipp, the LECs third seed has yet to scrim for the tournament.

Nick LS De Cesare, a popular League personality, appeared on a recent video discussing the Fnatics' planned trip to Mexico City in two days. Upset said the team would depart for North America on Saturday, September 24, but admitted that the organization has yet to scramble with any teams.

Both Upset and LS laughed awkwardly for a moment before the former Cloud9 coach asked if European teams were perpetually scrimming against each other in a triangle like NA teams. Upset replied that the other EU teams were probably playing against each other, but Fnatic havent due to a plethora of different possible reasons.

I do not know, to be honest, what other teams are doing, according to Upset. I think it was a long break [and] we were taking a break]. I think other things are better for different people, maybe, but the patch was a bit tough as well.

LS couldnt help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. Fnatic will have a tremendous amount of time to find scrim partners before they have to suit up and compete for their spot in the main event via the play-in stage, which is strikingly different from other teams in other regions.

Evil Geniuses' coaching staff head Peter Dun stated that the club has been scrimming all week, saying that it is one of the most important times of the year and that all NA teams have started. Its a worrying sign for European fans who are hoping for all their representatives to qualify for the group stage.

The Worlds 2022 play-in stage will begin on Thursday, September 29. Fnatic will take part in the second match of the day against Evil Geniuses, the LCS third seed.

Fnatic has reached out to Dot Esports for an explanation.