The Top Healers in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Healer Class Tier List

The Top Healers in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Healer Class Tier List ...

If you want to have the finest Healer build in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, to wage an endless war, you've come to the right place. Below, we've ranked all of the eight Healer classes so you can be the best informed about the best abilities.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Healer Class Tier List

S-Tier Healer ClassesMedic Gunner: The starting class for the Medic Gunner is Eunie. She can both snipe enemies and health with her combo scythe and rifle. Additionally, she can fuse together with Taion to create an ultimate mech healer. Tactician: The hero for Tactician is Taion. While Eunie originally operates the mech suit, later on Taion can unlock their own form that applies his skills in the martial arts. While not necessarily a better healer than Eunie, his fighting skills are a large reason as to why we include him in the S-Tier.
A-Tier Healer ClassesWar Medic: Valdi is the War Medic hero and also the first side character that can stick around permanently. He doesn't have a mech suit but he's extremely proficient with a gun.Thaumaturge: The hero for Thaumaturge is Teach, a dynamic character who offers decent healing abilities. His weapon of choice is a stick with energy beams that radiate from both ends. Aside from being super rad, this weaponry also gives him a distinct advantage over other healers in terms of power.
B-Tier Healer ClassesSignifier: Through flag twirling, Fiona can create fields that regain health and defensive stats. While not the best fighter, she's a decent healer. Troubadour: Miyabi is a fine healer once she's unlocked. Her weapons are two fans that do not reach far or cause heavy damage, though she is capable of getting a party back up to full health. Strategos: The hero for Strategos is Isurd. He uses weaponry that is similar to Taion, and while he is technically stronger and better than healing that Taion he is unable to merge in the mech suit with Eunie.
F-Tier Healer ClassesLifesafe: Nia, and Lifesafe as a class in general, would be an S-Tier inclusion if it wasn't for the fact that they are unlocked after the game is beaten. Once you reach that point in the game you don't really need her, though she is cool to have in the party.

It's worth noting that all tier lists vary depending on what you're after for your gameplay style. This tier list was most helpful for us; please let us know if it was helpful to you as well in the comments below!

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