Slime Rancher 2's Secrets

Slime Rancher 2's Secrets ...

As you progress through Slime Rancher 2, you will collect various items that will either help you upgrade your equipment or help you keep your Slimes clean. Whichever material you choose, the materials you collect will all be important. Deep Brine is a salty material that comes from the ground and explodes like a geyser in Slime Rancher 2. Here are some ideas for how to obtain Deep Brine in Slime Rancher 2.

How to get Deep Brine

Deep Brine is one of those materials that you will see at the beginning of the game but have no clue how to obtain. After all, the game does not explain how you should get materials like Jellystone and Ores. You can easily spot Deep Brine because it appears as a stream of water rising from the ground.

Deep Brine is found throughout the game's Rainbow Fields, the first place you'll see it if you ever go there. It appears to be the most obvious around the Slime Sea's cliff edges due to the fact that the water is thought to be portions of the Slime Sea that have been filtered by the ground.

Deep Brine will not go into your VacPack when you use it first with the Resource Harvester. Upgrade your pack first with the Resource Harvester using the Fabricator in the conservatory's basement. Once the upgrade is complete, use your VacPack to suck up the water.