Jamie shot! Is Will Estes on his way out of Blue Bloods?

Jamie shot! Is Will Estes on his way out of Blue Bloods? ...

CBS released a first-look promo for Season 13 of Blue Bloods today, and it certainly feels like there is a lot of work ahead!

So where do we begin with? This has to do with a major question that the video below will make you think: Is Will Estes on his way out? After all, Jamie Reagan is seen out in the field! Most of the time, CBS does not produce wonderful promos for this program. Most of them are 5-10 seconds and include a quote from Frank.

It's true that this one offers more content, and all of us benefit from that as viewers on a number of fronts. This is a real stakes, and it gives you someone to worry about entering the program!

We wouldnt be too concerned about whether or not this is evidence that Jamie is dead or that Estes is leaving the show right now. Early signs indicate that he will be able to move into a different position in the run-up to an episode. Instead, we wonder whether or not this shooting will inspire a major shift for him at the force.

The first episode will give you a sense of another significant story: Erin is running for District Attorney in the United States! This is not going to be a difficult journey for her, but we were thrilled to see it unfold.

Do you have any concerns about Jamie's future? Be sure to post them right away in the attached comments! If you do, continue to see highlights throughout season 13.

ANYTHING can happen in this line of work. Don't miss the season premiere of #BlueBloods on Friday, October 7th on @CBS and @paramountplus. pic.twitter.com/zSSjAgVON6

Blue Bloods (CBS) will be released on September 23, 2022.