Dont Worry Darling's Ending Explained: What Secrets Hide in Suburbia?

Dont Worry Darling's Ending Explained: What Secrets Hide in Suburbia? ...

Dont Worry Darling is getting a makeover (for all the wrong reasons) thanks to rumors of feuds, on-set affairs, spitting, and one of the most bizarre red carpet lineups in history. It's not the exact same twist as The Stepford Wives, but its quite similar. If some of the twists and turns go over your head, then please tell me.

Is Victory Real?

Alice is taken to a specialist electric shock therapy after she has caused enough havoc to cause trouble at the dinner party during which she confronts Frank (Chris Pine) and gets her ass handed to her by his wife, Shelley (Gemma Chan). But it's all a trap to get Alice in the car where she can get dragged away by men resembling the guards from the Squid Game without a PlayStation mask.

Alice, an overworked surgeon who lives with her boyfriend, Jack, who appears to have been doing nothing all day other than typing and putting on Edward Snowden's glasses, says she'll take on additional shifts at the hospital to support her. Despite her having just worked 30 hours, Jack expects Alice to prepare dinner, despite her being the breadwinner.

Alice Gets Her Revenge

After the EST, Alice reenters Victory in all of her former glory, but something isn't quite right. Bunny (Olivia Wilde) is ecstatic to have Alice back and nurse her to full health. When Alice is preparing dinner for Jack, Jack sings the recurring song that triggers Alice's real life, causing her to have a full-on breakdown that restores her mind to her real self, as if from the first trailer.

When Jack tries to entrap Alice (around her stomach?) and Alice smashes a glass over Jack's head, killing him. Bunny tells Alice that she regrets her decision, stating that she will return to Victory.

Alice Breaks Free From Victory

Alice races to the Headquarters she had gone to earlier in the film, without any memory of getting there. She races to recover Victory, returning to her real body, with a memory of them telling her that they'll always be together. The screen is dimmed, but real-world Alice wakes up, gasping for breath.