The 5 Worst MW2 Features & Why Infinity Ward WON'T Change Them!

The 5 Worst MW2 Features & Why Infinity Ward WON'T Change Them! ...

After the first weekend of the beta, we suggested five changes for MW2, and here's how Infinity Ward responded.

Modern Warfare 2 is being tested by fans, and we're generally pleased with the results, especially the maps (although you may read our whole review of MW2 here for more information). However, there are areas of the game that need to be addressed.

We'll cover our top five most requested Modern Warfare 2 games and the response from Infinity Ward in this article. However, we'd rather focus on the 5 most important topics that emerged from players' feedback after the first MW2 beta weekend.

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5.With an in-game guide, explain how The Gunsmith works.

We're not interested in providing tutorials, but players should be able to understand this fundamental skill through a video or guide.

We want to be clear about this: we like the new gunsmith, but we think most players are unconcerned about it. The disadvantages, when you understand the system, are obvious: You will never have to unlock the same attachment twice, and the receiver/platform system provides a rewarding approach to unlocking new weapons. But please, clarify what weapon I need to level in order to get all the attachments I still need!

In their reply to the player's concerns, the developers skipped the gunsmith, but acknowledged some difficulties and bugs in the User Interface. They said, however, that they will not be able to make any changes until the start of Beta Weekend 2, but that these issues "are top of mind prior to launch."

4.Remove Slide-Cancel Completely

That's a different question, but whatever they decide, they need to commit to. At the moment, players have found workarounds that allow them to slide-cancel, but it's still buggy and not as powerful as before. This might be difficult for IW to achieve because to how sliding works in the engine.

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According to Infinity Ward, they attempted to remove slide-canceling, but are aware of the workaround some very high-skilled players discovered. At the moment, they are contemplating how to handle it for Beta Weekend Two and also announced some unspecified slide changes for the whole launch of the game that are supposed to make sliding feel "more fluid and snappy."

3.Don't Disband Lobbies

The majority of people in the community has asked for this change, yet no one (besides Infinity Ward) appears to be in favor of implementing it. If we had perpetual lobbies, then we might have a bit of story in our games, and we might see players adapting to counteract their opponents' playstyle.

The very frustrating thing about this is that players who want to get a fresh, new lobby every game, can quit and re-search to get it, no matter what the system, even if MW2 had perpetual lobbies by default. However, this doesn't work the other way around, because if you want perpetual lobbies, you're out of luck in the current system.

We don't know why, but IW did not even mention this topic in their blog post on the player feedback. However, since for some reason disbanding lobbies have been a part of CoD for some time now, we don't expect them to change anything.

2.Enemy Nameplates Should Be Visible

This is a simple and inexpensive fix, and we expect it to be implemented by them (like they did after the MW2019 and Vanguard betas). We're seeing so many players confused about who is on their team and who is an enemy. Just re-incorporating the nameplates in the game would be a quick fix for this issue, and it would protect us against any pay-to-win black/grey skins they may introduce in the future.

Sadly, Infinity Ward will not be making nameplates visible once you get into a firefight. They will also research more ways to distinguish enemy players from teammates outside the standard nameplates.

When DMZ/Warzone maps are released, visibility will become even more of an issue...

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1.Return To The Classic Mini-Map, At Least For Domination & TDM

Call of Duty's Classic Minimap (one that shows enemies as red-dots when they fire unsuppressed weapons) is a must-have. But many gamers are so keen on this change that it's beginning to resemble childish and scofflaw.

After signing up for the beta, players will demand this feature. At a certain point, surely you have to let them decide what they want for themselves. And as we suggest, why not allow this older, more arcade-style of CoD for TDM or Domination?

Unfortunately, IW will not budge on this topic. They argue that they "do not want to penalize players for firing their rifles." They also want players to find the location of a gunshot "directly" on the mini-map, but it would still be nice to put the classic mini-map to the test...

What do you think of our suggestions? Faded takes? Tell us in the comments what you'd like to change.

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