Charlize Theron: Monster Backers Wanted a Hot Lesbian Film with Christina Ricci

Charlize Theron: Monster Backers Wanted a Hot Lesbian Film with Christina Ricci ...

Charlize Theron had to kill a terrible idea for Monster.

Patty Jenkins' 2003 feature debut featured Aileen Wuornos, a Florida sex worker turned serial murderer, but the financiers seemed to have a much different story in mind than Therons' gritty, no holds-barred portrayal.

Theron told Harpers Bazaar that some Monster investors desired a hot lesbian film with me and Christina Ricci, far from what the film ended up being. Ricci played Wuornos semi-fictionalized lover, Selby Wall.

Theron's production company Denver & Delilah was established partly to protect director Jenkins' ideas and to maintain control over her makeup and wardrobe. Theron's transformation into murderer Wuornos won her the Academy Award for Best Actress, as well as her later work on critically acclaimed Bombshell and Mindhunter.

Theron said there's a natural urge in me to want to create spaces that feel like the ones I wish I had 30 years ago when I started. Having absolutely no control over what you're wearing is a major one that's really fucked me out for years. Having some guy make you wear a fitting almost in front of them is a total disgrace.

When I started out, there was no discussion around it. It was like, This is what you are wearing. And I remember one film in particular, this male director who kept coming me in, fitting after fitting after fitting after fitting after, and it was just so obvious that it was to do with my sexuality and how fuckable they could make me in the movie.

Jenkins, the filmmaker of Monster, previously told IndieWire that she was quite certain that it would never be released, let alone won an Oscar.

Jenkins stated that a character film is rare and inexpensive to finance, although it may be financed. I have a real dislike for women who portray damaged characters who appear to be okay.

Jenkins said Theron was the only actress who accepted the role. She is so beautiful in a way that she does not have to protect her beauty. Few would have the courage to walk this line and bring humanity to it [she is] the only person I ever wanted to be in the film.