Brittany Hoopes and Julie Chen's Interview on Big Brother 24?

Brittany Hoopes and Julie Chen's Interview on Big Brother 24? ...

Following tonights newBig Brother 24episode, are you looking for Brittany Hoopes and Julie Chen Moonves to do an interview? These conversations have taken place throughout the seasons on Instagram.

We should also keep in mind that things might be a little different in the future. In the past, we had long-running interviews with the fourth-place finisher, given the limited time between the conclusion of this program and the final episode. This time, things are even more compressed with the finale set for Sunday! For a number of reasons, CBS has decreased the number of days at the end of the season.

Whatever we discover about Brittany's game, there are a few things that we're interested in. There's the topic of her and Michaels' overall strategy, their handling of the Kyle situation, and the questions they faced after the fact. Also, there's the sometimes-desperate way in which Brittany played, which sometimes led to her giving too much information.

One of Brittany's biggest issues this season may have had something to do with something beyond the game. She talked endlessly about wanting to meet new people during this experience, since she didnt have that many in Austin.