Joe Mantegna, who plays Jack in Criminal Minds, says his new streaming season is as disturbing as ever and that he is a 'defender' of the dark tone

Joe Mantegna, who plays Jack in Criminal Minds, says his new streaming season is as disturbing as ev ...

Criminal Minds: Evolution has been back on Paramount+ for just over two years, with the final season of the series. The new season will not only include some NSFW changes for the BAU, but will also feature almost every character returning in the bullpen, and star Joe Mantegna discusses how disappointing Season 16 will be.

Criminal Minds: Evolution is well-known for creepy plots, some of which end up enthralling real unsubs. While at Paramount+'s TCA panel for the new season, the cast was asked about events that scared them out or gave them nightmares: Joe Mantegna, who plays Agent David Rossi, explained how terrifying Criminal Minds: Evolution will become: more frightening than the previous 15 seasons.

If anything, I think the way we're going to proceed will be like, you know, Evolution Criminal Minds: Evolution. Yeah, we're taking it to another level if you've ever felt disturbed before.

Mantegna did state that for him and the rest of the cast, everything is fake, which is why he does not have nightmares or anxieties. He explains why he is a defender of the dark tone of the series:

Because, you know, very often we hear, 'Oh, how can you... Do you get nightmares?' Or 'Doesn't it disturb you to do this show?' No. My feeling is it doesn't bother me at all. The ones I care about are the real men and women of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies around the world who have to actually do this for a living.

Because of the wide variety of procedurals available today, they demonstrate the work that real-life police officers, firefighters, doctors, and others do, and that's what Joe Mantegna loves about Criminal Minds:

I think what I like about our program is that we show it like it is. I grew up in the old days of, you know, when you watch a cowboy film, the guy got shot and fell over, and it was, like, cute. I think that's important. I think you have to demonstrate to the general public that we have the men and women who truly do this job. And if you want to see what they've to deal with every day, we're giving you a snapshot.

There aren't many disorienting and terrifying moments in the series, although there are, which only gives props to the FBI's men and women, who are very different from their co-stars, as they confess to how the series has scared them and their families:

  • Yeah. We've done 324 episodes, and I would say 333 of them have disturbed me. So that's -- that's my two cents. Yes." [Laughter.] - Kirsten Vangsness
  • My husband I mean, full disclosure, we got to watch the first two episodes of the show last night and my husband was like, 'I think I'm going to have nightmares.'" [Laughter.] - Aisha Tyler

Criminal Minds: Evolution will be different for the first 15 seasons. Zach Gilford, a Friday Night Lights alum, will handle just one unsub case throughout the season. Following the release of first look photos, Joe Mantegna talked about returning to the bullpen.

Criminal Minds: Evolution will not be available to everyone, but fans should still be enthused by the film. Plus, Paget Brewsters Emily Prentiss will be rocking a new do when she returns on our screens when shes back on the air. So make sure you watch the original series first on both Paramount+ and Hulu to get you set for the new season! Just to be too disturbed by some of the storylines.