Reviews of Meet Cute are here, and critics have their thoughts on Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson's odd-couple Chemistry

Reviews of Meet Cute are here, and critics have their thoughts on Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson's od ...

Fans have been anticipating the release of Meet Cute ever since Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson were co-starring. The seemingly unlikely couple brings a magnetic charm to the screen, and the fact that both of their love lives have been public eyed does not help the cause.

Sheila and Gary arent history-changers like Bill and Ted, and they don't go through gross familial abuse like Doc and Marty. Their film is certainly another enjoyable film, which may be repeated time and time again by fans.

Kate Erbland of Indiewire gives the grade of a B, describing this film as an awkward, but enjoyable, and she notes that the main actors are really sweet as well.

Don't be fooled by the cloying title; instead, get lost in the mundane grind of it all. Lehmanns film is both a credible romance and a clever effort to deconstruct just what we love about love, both on the big screen and in our everyday lives. However, many aspects of this anti-rom-com (that is also a rom-com) don't quite gel, with explanations for Sheila and Garys damaged psyches that feel paper-thin

Emily Bernard of Collider grades the film a B, noting that it's a bit dark to consider it a rom-com, despite its comedic performances, and that the characters appear to be more like potential lovers:

Sheila and Gary's connection and their sarcastic, gentle get-to-know-you bravado (even though Sheila claims to know everything about Gary) are admirable examples of how two long-time pals would treat one another. They bond over their shared sorrow and the fading light that restores their faith in humanity.

THR's Lovia Gyarkye gets that platonic vibe, but points out that Kaley Cuoco is competent in the first act of the film. By the second act, the couple has lost momentum and their connection appears to be more fraternal.

Meet Cute is a film that is brimming with potential, with its few funny moments that make it easier to see what the filmmakers were attempting to accomplish. Its not those initial days or emotions that define a lasting romance that makes it successful.

Jordan Hoffman of the AV Club believes the film doesn't work. The actors are good, according to the critic, but the script is substandard.

Meet Cute has all the unoriginality of a low-budget picture, including eye-rolling dialogue like making Kaley Cuoco say all the things, plus a central premise that just doesn't work. Don't feel bad if you stand up.

The performances of Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson were required for this film to be successful, even if the romantic aspect might have been a bit lacking. Check out our other films and shows to watch in 2022.