The Switch Split Pad Fits New Pokemon-Themed Designs By Hori

The Switch Split Pad Fits New Pokemon-Themed Designs By Hori ...

Hori, a designer of accessories, has announced that it will collaborate with The Pokemon Company to develop the Pokemon-themed Switch Pad Fit.

These Joy-Con-like controllers are a follow-up to Hori's Split Pad Pro, and are officially launching here in the West as the Switch Pad Compact. Over in Japan, there are four...and there are even more options to choose from.

Hori is releasing two new sets, one with Pikachu and Mimikyu, and another with Gengar, both in this area. No word on a local release is available right now.

The Split Pad Fit/Compact controls are a comfortable fit, with full-size analog sticks, buttons, and a D-Pad. However, they do not include HD Rumble, NFC, or wireless functions.

Light Gray x Yellow and Apricot Red are on offer locally, according to the official Hori USA website, and are expected to arrive in stores next month.

What do you think of these new designs? Will you be ordering the Switch Pad Compact when it's released internationally? Click here to see more from our previous post.

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