A cast member of The Challenge shades Messy & Chaotic Show Aspects

A cast member of The Challenge shades Messy & Chaotic Show Aspects ...

The Challenge: USA's conclusion was a bit heated between fans and competitors, and it became even more controversial when Tyson Apostols' interview with Entertainment Weekly was published.

As the finale for the CBS spinoff aired, one former competitor was open about his thoughts on social media, particularly regarding Desi Williams' elimination after her partner Enzo Palumbo's departure in the first leg. Lol this Final is a total mess. James Wallington tweeted about it.

Enzo, sorry for your apologies. What an absolute joke. [Desi] deserved better Oh and heres a thought Let Desi continue and pair her with the solo female in the final. LIKE WHAT?!

@DesiJWilliams is in good hands. She deserves better. #TheChallengeUSA pic.twitter.com/w9nDnTusyc

James Wallington (@JamesWallington) will be available on September 15, 2022.

Desi collaborating with another female partner for parts of it would not have weighed heavily on a fan's opinion in the long run. Its a shame. James isnt the first Challenge competitor who believes Desi should have been able to compete with the solo woman because there was one less male cast member in the final.

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James was critical of the show's Algorithm and a few elements, but was extremely grateful for the chance to compete.

James made several statements about the season, including one that he believes is indicative of how the whole process went for many of us. #TheChallengeUSA. He then added a now-deleted tweet, saying, "This final is indicative of how the entire experience went for so many of us."

Several decisions and elements that were made throughout the season were difficult/challenging to navigate at times (which I understand because after all, it's The Challenge) but as a viewer, the final scene felt the same way.

One fan of the show wrote, "I don't understand the purpose of #TheChallengeUSA." Was it to destroy all these incredible players? We like to pretend it's so hard? We sympathize for these individuals. We don't want them to quit or get hypothermia or hurt. What occurred here?

Domenick Abbate, the finalist on The Challenge: USA, wrote, Everything. James replied, simply, with a purple heart. However, I don't have to like everything about the experience to complete it.

Regarding the finale, many OG stars had similar critiques to James.

Several decisions and components that were made throughout the season were difficult/challenging at times (which I understand since it's The Challenge after all) but as a viewer, the Final felt the same way.

James Wallington (@JamesWallington) will be on the street from September 15, 2022.

Rachel Robinson, Janelle Casanave, Derek Chavez, and KellyAnne Judd were among those who spoke up about the end of the OG Challenge and expressed concerns about what went down.

Teck Holmes, who made his return to All Stars and quickly became a fan favorite, gave us a shoutout and thanked him and the writer Sydney Bucksbaum for keeping it real. Next season of the @thechallenge should be titled Lies, Lies, and More Lies because there will certainly be plenty of production coming! #Facts #DoBetter.

He also said it was like on All Stars and they got screwed, so I say screw the Challenge.