Big Brother's Penultimate Eviction Who's Going to the Finale?

Big Brother's Penultimate Eviction Who's Going to the Finale? ...

Fans of Big Brother, our Thursday-night tradition is coming to an end: With the Season 24 finale just days away (Sunday, 8/7c), Thursdays hour of the CBS series served as the last regular live eviction episode until next summer.

On Thursday, there wasn't much eviction business to deal with because only four people were left in the house, and only one vote was cast; here's how the hour ended:

* First, as soon as Monte and Taylors romance began, it ended for the strangest of reasons, to be frank. During a hangout in the HOH bedroom, Monte initially frowns at Taylor when she makes a sarcastic admission about his goddaughter, noting that Monte hasntactually watched her grow up for the past three months because he has been in the Big Brother house.

Monte falls asleep with Taylors headphones on his ears, accidentally bumping his glasses and awakening him in the process.

Monte visits Taylor's HOH restroom where she is apologizing for her goddaughter's remark and the headphones' grab, opting instead to lecture her about her personality. He repeats hurtful remarks that Daniel made about her back in the season.

Monte and Taylor agree to share space, and Taylor concludes, "Were back to the Taylor" is an insensitive bitch narrative. In the Diary Room, she explains how insulting it was that Monte invoked Daniels' language from earlier this season, implying that she may need to let cold Taylor out in order to win the grand prize.

Terrance, Michael, and Alyssa all join the group to varying degrees of surprise in this weeks edition of Protect Joseph At All Costs. The poor guy is clearly shocked when he learns from Alyssa that Monte and Taylor had been spending quality time together the previous week. What a look on his face! It's like that! I'm not sure if he'll ever know peace in that jury house.

Brittany sends a final email to Monte, confirming that he and Turner are evenly matched at the moment, and that Monte may very well lose to Turner if they sit in those final chairs together. Brittany, however, is aware that she does not excel at physical competitions, which would give Monte even more of an advantage in the final Head of Household challenges.

Despite that well-crafted pitch (and another convincing argument in her pre-eviction statement)Brittany is indeed evicted from Montes' hand. When it comes to the rest of the game, how does she know that Turner is better for Montes' game, is he? and remarks that shed hope she will have a wonderful friendship with Michael after the game.

Julie discusses the Cookout alliance's history of this summer's game. The highlights include: 1) Hannah believes the system's honesty will never be replicated in future seasons; 2) Terrance criticizes Terrance for wanting to keep Kyle in the house despite his racist remarks; and 3) Derek, Kyland, and Xavier, at least, see the game as a Taylors to lose. (But they must be found on Julies Instagram!

I give it to you now. Do you agree with Montes' decision to expel Brittany? Tell us below!