All Hail the Dwarf Prince Durin IV, King of Sass in Rings of Power Recap

All Hail the Dwarf Prince Durin IV, King of Sass in Rings of Power Recap ...

The following is a list of spoilers for Episode 5 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Proceed accordingly.

We learned that Prince Durin IV is not one to be messed with in this weeks episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

The dwarf was well-prepared for Gil-galad's shady inquiry about why the dwarves were burning so many fires in Khazad-dum. Durin responded with a question of his own: Why were the elves so rapidly expanding their cities and shipping off their soldiers?

And, just to make matters worse, he asked where the High King got the table they were currently eating at, which was made of a sacred stone commonly used for burials and memorials to the deceased. Gil-galad apologized quickly and promised to return it to the dwarves.

Durin admitted to Elrond that he was lying about the table. He knew Disa wanted a new one, and he created a clever strategy to get her one. Accusing an elven leader of sacrilege in his own house and then getting free furniture out of it? Brilliant.

TRUE INTENTIONS | Gil-galad asked Elrond whether the dwarves discovered the gold he sought. Elrond refused to answer, sticking to the promise he made to Durin that he would never reveal what he found in the mines.

Gil-galad pushed back one last time, also revealing why mithril was so important to the elves. According to legend, an elven warrior fought a Balrog in front of a tree. The light from their conflict penetrated the mountain and the ore containing the lost Silmaril.

Why do the silmarils matter: The three highly prized diamonds were created by the elves and contained some of the essence of their sacred Two Trees of Valinor (the silver and gold trees that lit the Valar until it was transformed into the sun and the moon) One was thrown to the sky, one into the sea, and the last was lost somewhere on land.

Gil-galad saw his devastation as a sign that the Eldar, the element that sustains the elves' existence, was deafening. The only way to save their race was to obtain huge amounts of mithril, hoping that the unwavering light from that ore would bring them to life.

Elrond faced two tough choices: to violate his oath to Durin and betray his friend, or to save his people from extinction. But the good-hearted elf found another way: He spoke open to Durin about why the elves needed mithril, and Durin agreed to assist his father.

SOMETHING STRANGE ABOUT THE STRANGER | After the caravan was packed up, it was time for the Harfoots (and the Stranger) to relocate to their next destination. Stranger was suspiciously interested in the crater the Stranger left when he crashed in Episode 1. Are they being tracked?

The Stranger continues to amaze Poppy and Nori as he sabotages their wolves, sending them fleeing. Later, as he soaked his broken hand in a pond, he froze the water with Noris' hand and sent her flying. Nori was shocked.

NUMENOR'S TROUBLE | Queen Regent Miriel is sending five ships with 500 soldiers to Middle-earth to assist in the Southlands' fight against Sauron. Kemen tried to defy Pharazon, but he had his own reasons for backing the expedition. He believed that the Numenoreans would benefit from the Numenoreans' efforts, including new trade avenues and excellent real estate opportunities.

Kemen hopped onto a ship and attempted to blow it down. He was caught by Isildur, who stowed away after his father Elendil denied his request to join the expedition. The unlikely pair covered it up as an accident in order to avoid getting in trouble. However, his excitement was subdued when he realized Elendil made him a stableboy.

Dennoch, the ships carrying Miriel, Galadriel, Halbrand (who changed his mind about going) eventually set sail.

HALBRAND, REALLY? | Maybe Halbrand isnt Sauron after all. When Galadriel urged him to fight the Dark Lord, he again pushed back. You dont know how I got there, she told her. And when these people [the Numenoreans] discover it, they will cast me out. So will you.

The story began as a flashback in which Waldrick, the creepy barkeep, promised his loyalty to Sauron, but instead challenged the barkeep to prove his fidelity by killing Adar's friend. The situation ended before we could see if he followed through, and the kids' fate remained unclear.

Halbrand is either a grown-up Theo who feared Adar's imminent attack on the watchtower, or a mature Theo who resisted calling out to Sauron. At the end of the episode, we saw Adar and his forces marching toward the stronghold, ready to follow up on his promise to punish those who refused to acquaint themselves with him.

WHAT IS THEOS SWORD? | Waldrick referred to Morgoth's hilt as a gift from Arondir, and it seems like there's more to the story. It wasn't a sword, but rather a key.

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