How to Be a VTuber Programs, Streaming Setups, and More

How to Be a VTuber Programs, Streaming Setups, and More ...

To begin fully streaming and hitting the Go Live button for the first time, you need to complete a lot of preparation. It all involves figuring out your streams themes and putting a whole strategy in place of what to do. But it doesnt have to be that complicated. Here are some suggestions on what to use and how to start out.

How to create or build a Vtuber avatar

If you are new to building a Vtuber from scratch, there are many avenues to go down, whether it be designing a custom one of your own liking, purchasing one already made, or even collaborating with other artists to realize your vision.

If you want to rig your avatar in 2D, you can use illustration software such as Procreate, Photoshop, and ClipStudio Paint. These can be imported into rigging programs such as Vtube Studio or Live2D Cubism. On the 3D side, it can be quite confusing to new users.

There are other Vtuber libraries and avatar-building software that you can use if you don't want to build from scratch. Online shops that sell or distribute VR Chat models may be ported over to Vtuber programs. There is also software like Vroid Studio, which can make a Vtuber from pre-made assets, much like assembling an action figure from pieces.

This is where it can get a little complicated if you want to start a Vtuber from scratch and want to commission it. A great general tip is to check out your favorite Vtubers on Twitch and see their bios. Typically most artists will list their Vtuber artists and have their own social media links embedded in the bio below a stream. From there, it is best to initiate contact with the artist via their website or social media and see how they operate.

The best streaming platform and software

The finest streaming software is either Streamlabs or the original OBS itself, which is built on the open source platform, but it provides many essential features for the average user, such as direct integration with a digital storefront to purchase and utilize packaged stream layouts, and enhanced chat bot moderation and interactive features.

OBS, or Open Broadcast Software, is the oldest streaming software solution, although it is popular among Vtubers for its open-source solutions and the many additional features available on sites such as GitHub and the OBS Projects own forums. Some add-ons are developed by others that can assist with additional features such as chat integration and interactivity, soundboards, etc.

The most popular streaming platform right now is Twitch. Another advantage of other streaming platforms is that Twitch has a stronger community and more robust features for chat interaction and streamer partnerships.

Youtube has recently gained momentum as a competitor to Twitch by introducing more direct chat interactions, such as the ability to gift paid subscriptions, and a revenue split favoring the streamer at 70/30 over Twitch's now 50/50 split, allowing you to save long-form streams to the same account you stream on.

What are best animation software for Vtuber?

When a Vtuber is made, you must select software to animate it with your own face tracking and/or voice activation.

The most popular 2D Vtubers are Vtube Studio and Live2D Cubism. Both offer detailed options for rigging and animating 2D avatars live on stream. Facerig is free for personal use, but the main drawback is that it does not include hand controls or rigging. VeeSeeFace is an open source program that includes many flexible rigging and animating options.

How to make or use stream graphics

Maybe your stream isn't that great to look at now that you have gotten a decent-looking avatar. If you want to spice things up, then consider getting a stream layout package. Along with a screen layout that displays your chat and follow feeds next to your avatar

Most broadcast software accepts images from programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, and Premiere. Common image and video file formats with transparent backgrounds, such as PNGs or WEBM files, work the best here. Other low-cost options include DaVinci Resolve, GIMP, and Corel Draw.

If you are not an artistic type and want to hire an artist for a layout, you can look at dedicated companies that only do stream layouts, like Own3d.TV, Get Rekt Labs, and Streamplay. For a more personalized solution, look for design studios and communities that specialize in streamer graphics. Get Rekt Labs also offers customized solutions at a higher cost.

Other possible ways to get stream graphics are to look for communities on Discord or a private commission via Fiverr.