Rush Hour, feat. J-Hopes, is now out

Rush Hour, feat. J-Hopes, is now out ...

After compulsory military enlistment, Crushs' first music has been released. The song, Rush Hour, featured J-Hope from BTS.

Shin Hyo-seob, better known as Crush, unveiled the song Rush Hour with J-Hope on September 22 at 6 pm KST. ARMY has been anticipating the song since the first teaser was released!

Rush Hour is a catchy tune that will make one fall in love with the rapper and Crush's silky dance moves. The song clearly demonstrates the artists' brilliance. Their collaborative abilities are clearly visible in the eyes of their supporters.

Both the musicians, Crush and J-Hope, are seen in the middle of the alley bouncing coolly beside the mobs of dancers. The song's lyrics are also quite meaningful, saying, We gotta celebrate, just leave it up to fate. No matter what they say or do, baby!

Rush Hour, a video featuring Crush and J-Hopes, has been released.

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The listeners of the singers began to profess their love for the song as soon as it was released. Some commented, It is certainly an art, what a good marriage of Crush and Hope.

Hope has a fantastic rhythm and, on top of that, a flowing flow. Another commented, Wow this MV is magnificent. The voices of Crush and Hope together were wonderful to hear, its incredible. The wonderful work they did together was very enjoyable.

J-Hope and Crush are two of the best choreographers I have ever seen. The choreography is fantastic! The rhythm and the beat are amazing! I'm in complete awe, what a fantastic job.

If one sees the video accurately, one will notice a hallmark move from one of the most famous BTS songs, Mic Drop. We can see Crush and J-Hope performing a step from BTS' Mic Drop song which was released in 2017 and became a household hit. The sense of belonging that they had throughout the video is strange.

Crush's most recent album was a guest appearance in Psys' song Happier, which was released on the veteran performers' April release of his studio album Psy 9th. Crush was still in the military at the time. Rush Hour is his first composition to be released after he returned from military service in August 2022.

The artists most recent album was With Her, which was released in October 2020. Its lead song was Let Me Go, a duet with Taeyeon. On the other hand, J-Hopes most recent work was his solo debut Jack In The Box, which was released in July. He also performed at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.