After her footballer Gerard Pique split, Shakira reopened up for the first time

After her footballer Gerard Pique split, Shakira reopened up for the first time ...

Shakira Has Opened Her Eye For The First Time Since Her Match With Gerard Pique Was Done!

If it is related to celebrities, everything goes in the headlines, whether it is related to break up or to patching up things. They are dragged down in the controversy more than their professional lives, and that is why every response becomes very critical.

Shakira, a vocalist, has recently broken her silence about her affair with Gerard Pique, claiming it was the worst moment of her life.

Shakira has finally spoken out about her separation from footballer Gerard Pique. This is the first time that the singer is breaking up the silence and talking about it by calling it the darkest moment of her life.

Shakira revealed that she had a bad dream when it came to dealing with heartbreak.

While giving a press conference regarding her 11-year-old affair in June 2022, the singer said she was very careful. She said she found it extremely difficult to publicly discuss it personally specifically for the first time following her separation. She then said she remained quiet and tried to process all of the things that were going around her.

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Here's What Shakira Shared About Her Gerard Pique Split.

Shakira said she finds it difficult to talk about, especially when she is still in the moving phase. She said the relationship was not a regular one, but a husband and wife.

The singer revealed how much she tried to protect her two children, one of whom is seven years old, and the other is nine years old. She then tries to be herself from the chaos and try to do the same for her children by hiding herself from the media attention.

Shakira's moving-on phase is not just a challenge for her family, but also for her children, as it was incredibly difficult for them. However, when it comes to her fame and the title she has carried, it's almost impossible to hide her.

The only place where she became an exception was her own house, and that is why she spends more time at her house.

Shakira explained that children are finding it harder to cope with as their parents are no longer residing together or are separated. Sometimes she feels like it is also a terrible dream and when she will wake up at a point nothing seems to be real.

The singer said she is not only battling the issue of splits, but also a lot of people that have made her life far too difficult.