The Way of Water is a new credit scene in Avatar

The Way of Water is a new credit scene in Avatar ...

Avatar: The Way of Water will be released in a matter of months, 13 years after its 2009 sequel, which became the highest-grossing film of all time.

James Cameron isn't particularly concerned about the fact that there's a long gap between films, but in an effort to reclaim some extra interest, the original film is back in cinemas in a remastered version for a limited two-week run starting today (September 23).

People who have seen the film and discovered that there's a little bonus after the credits are a lot of snide chatter on social media!

At the moment, information on what is included in the scene is a bit sparse, limited to film footage from cinemas that we will no longer share here.

There are rumors that different viewers might get different scenes, or that the scene might be ten minutes long, but with the re-release out in a lot more countries now we're certain we'll know what to expect before long.

Cameron admitted that while discussing the long wait between films, I was concerned that I had stretched the tether too much in our fast-paced, modern world, with Avatar 2 coming in 12 years later. Right until we dropped the teaser trailer and we received 148 million views in 24 hours."

While the cinematic re-release process is ongoing, the first film has been removed from Disney+, but it'll be back before the sequel hits theaters.

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to be released in cinemas on December 16.

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