New Gameplay Clips Show Fire Emblem Engage Continues To Look Amazing

New Gameplay Clips Show Fire Emblem Engage Continues To Look Amazing ...

The Nintendo Direct in September 2022 began with the official launch of Fire Emblem Engage, a brand new Fire Emblem game that will be released in January. And, in the days since, the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account has been sharing clips of some of your future squad members in combat, which looks pretty darn beautiful.

The first is the main character, who has been dubbed 'Colgate-chan' on the internet, but they're not quite as catchy as they seem, and they're a Divine Dragon. From the animation to the stunning colours, we're all impressed.

Vander, a paladin and a Dragon Guardian, is the one who's been watching Alear, who has just recovered from a 1,000-year hiatus. He's your typical strict old-man type.

Vander also takes charge and can be seen in action in combat, in a completely different location than Alear. The environments are much more detailed, and Intelligent Systems is clearly paying attention to those essential hit animations!

Clan, a mage character who's as cute as a button, is shown in the latest teaser, but this gives us a better look at his abilities.

The fire effects and the lighting in another new indoor location are both exceptional, a step up from the 2018 Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem Engage has been quite fun so far, and we can't believe we've only had to wait four months to get our hands on it. It will be released on 20th January 2023, and we already know how much space it'll take up.

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