The top ten classic series Megaman games, ranked

The top ten classic series Megaman games, ranked ...

Mario, Sonic, Castlevania, Resident Evil, and other notable gaming franchises are all included in this list. One of the most frustrating games is that some kids back then assumed Mega Man and Metroid were the same game. This is why we have compiled a list of 10 of our favorite games from a library of over 50 titles.

10.Mega Man 11

Nintendo SwitchReleased: 2018 Platform

The Mega Man franchise's debut on the (at the time) new Nintendo console, the Switch, retained all of the classic Mega Man gameplay while updating and refining the gameplay philosophy.

9.Mega Man 4

Platform: NESReleased: 1992

The fourth installment in the franchise suffered from the shortcomings of the previous two games. It was always considered to be a good game, although it wasn't as excellent as the other two. Still, its a good and well-polished title, worthy of its place on our list as a classic of its era that you should try if given the chance.

8.Mega Man V

1994 Game BoyReleased Platform

This game was the first standalone Mega Man game on the revolutionary Game Boy handheld console. While the black-and-white graphics from that time might not be for everyone today, this game was a total smash hit when it was released and was lauded as one of the best games on the Game Boy as a whole.

7.Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

Platform: Nintendo SwitchReleased: 2020

Mega Man has been a part of many collections over the years, so it was only fair to include a few of them on our list. This Switch collection is probably the best out there, and it includes six Mega Man games to dig into, plus tons of additional content, collectibles, and more.

6.Mega Man X2

1995 SNESReleased Platform

Mega Man X2 is a stunning recreation of the SNES's dusk days. It took everything that had previously been taken and refined it to become a fantastic addition to an era of gaming.

5.Mega Man Zero Collection

Platform: Nintendo DSReleased: 2010

All four Mega Man Zero games from the Game Boy Advance were bundled together in a neat package, yet they have held their own in terms of quality and gameplay. So to have them all in one place was a fantastic move by Nintendo.

4.Mega Man Zero 3

Game Boy AdvanceReleased: 2004

This game is the finest Mega Man-related entry that the Game Boy Advance has ever had. In true Mega Man fashion, it took everything that was previously successful, refined it, and created something that would be enjoyed for years to come.

3.Mega Man 2

1989NESReleased Platform

This is the game that truly boosted the franchise from the ground up. The first Mega Man game was excellent, no doubt about that, but it was this sequel that truly solidified what the franchise would become and showed the potential that side-scrolling action platformer games might offer.

2.Mega Man 3

1990's Platform: NESReleased

Mega Man 3 took the lead in developing and improving upon its predecessor, as well as introducing some new features that would become the norm for the franchise for years to come.

1.Mega Man X

1994's Platform: SNESReleased

This is the definitive Mega Man game, featuring the ever-popular X in the title. Combine all of the above and combine it into a single game and you will have Mega Man X. This is not to say that the series is all downhill from there, but that this game is the definitive Mega Man experience you should attempt.