A Disney Dreamlight Valley fan deciphers the lost diaries language

A Disney Dreamlight Valley fan deciphers the lost diaries language ...

The Lost Diaries of Old Rulers are one of the many Disney games that reveal a mysterious language on their pages. One eagle-eyed fan noticed that the letters bore a striking resemblance to a script they had studied in school.

One player recognized the Atlantean language from their youth when they discovered it in the 2001 film Atlantis: The Lost Empire. After a little digging, they realized that the characters were compatible and were able to convey the entire message.

The user notes that a few letters are missing, but the message in question says: This diary belongs to [the] ruler of [D]reamlight [V]alley. [Private.] The user notes that the image is the same for all messages, so it isnt tied to the content of the individual collectibles, which have their own distinct text for each entry.

Users who have responded to the discovery are hopeful that Atlantis' characters may make their way into the life game. Given that lead producer Manea Castets claims that the Disney roster offers an almost unlimited source of imagination for the Gameloft team at Dreamlight Valley, it's unlikely that they'll make an appearance sometime.

Skissored on Reddit for the translated page image credit

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