Release Date and Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88

Release Date and Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 ...

The Granola the Survivor Saga arc came to an end last month, but surely that was not the end of the popular manga series. It is certainly coming back with a new arc and so the big question right now is when will the next chapter be released.

The entire information you need to know about the next Dragon Ball Super arc and its alleged plot has been provided here. The dragonball series is directed by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou. It first aired in 2015, and has been publishing new chapters since.

The next arc following Granolah the Survivor Saga is set to launch shortly, but Shueisha hasn't issued an official notice yet. Since the manga is on an indefinite hiatus, it is difficult to predict a date.

The new arc is expected to be released in October 2022, according to another report, and will be launched after the fall, probably in December 2022.

The creators havent released any spoilers at the moment, but we can make a few guesses from where the previous chapter had gone. The famous Frieza is expected to reprise her role as the villian, but it's still unclear if a new character will play as the main antagonist.

Goku and Vegeta may also return to face Frieza's powerful foe. We may see other familiar characters like Jiren and Broly.

Frieza unlocked a more powerful transformation called the Black Frieza in the previous chapter, which was able to hurt Vegeta and Goku. This new ability was achieved when he studied another dimension in a chamber known as The Room of Spirit and Time.

Frieza honed ten years of training in a short time, enabling him to defeat the strongest warrior in the universe, Gas.

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The most recent Dragon Ball Super chapters are available on Shueishas Mangaplus. Viz Media has provided English translations of the series.