Why Did Philip Want To Kill Hannah And Vee In Lou?

Why Did Philip Want To Kill Hannah And Vee In Lou? ...

Lou, a Netflix film about a youngster who is kidnapped by her own father, is a thriller. But why does he kidnap her and try to kill her?

Hannah tells Chris about Philip's death three months after her ex-husband Philip died.

Hannah was molested by Philip, and she decided to leave him and start anew life on an island. He was convicted of the killing of many individuals and was sentenced to death.

He fought back to put an end to it, but Hannah said he would kill them both if she tried to take Vee away from him.

Later on, he kidnaps Vee, but he does harm her, and he plans to murder her and Hannah. But not only does he intend to murder her, but he also intends to murder Lou. Lou was Philip's mother, and she was also a member of the CIA. Philip had to leave Philip because to an undercover operation.

Philip wanted to murder Lou because of what she did to her, but since Hannah left him, he wanted to kill her as well.

Lou is a mystery loner who lives a quiet life with her dog battling the elements and her own dark past when a neighbor's little girl is kidnapped during a storm. It is now available on Netflix.