In a storm plot, Emmerdale actress Isobel Steele confirms Liv danger

In a storm plot, Emmerdale actress Isobel Steele confirms Liv danger ...

There are spoilers for Emmerdale.

Isobel Steele, who plays Liv Flaherty in Emmerdale's upcoming autumn film, has confirmed that her character Liv Flaherty is in danger.

As part of the soap's 50th anniversary, it will air a huge storm for the residents, which will include extensive stunt scenes with some characters always facing danger.

Liv has confirmed that she will be involved in the scenes that were released in October, speaking to Digital Spy and other media.

"It's so much fun," she said of filming. "I love anything to do with stunts. Anything different from the ordinary day is great fun. The wind machines are massive and so loud.

"I'm so happy about it. My earbuds are tied to a clip-on holder, which we all have to have on because the machines are so loud and we can't hear what anyone is saying."

"We've got no idea when we say our line because we can't hear or see each other at all, so we're just kind of winging it! It's really fun to do."

"There are flags the ADs are using in order to warn the wind and signal for us, because we can't hear or see, we're just looking for a bit of green!"

Isobel revealed that she saw the Emmerdale sign "on its side", which enraged her further.

"Trees are smashed everywhere, branches it looks like it hasn't been worked in for years and looks derelict. It's amazing," the star added.

Producer Kate Brooks confirmed that some of the region's best-loved villagers will be in jeopardy after this storm, and it's safe to say that the village will never be the same again. The effect this storm has on people's lives is incredible. That's our massive set-piece stunt."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, and is available on the ITV Hub for viewing.

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