Jack Branning of EastEnders is expected to be enraged by Amy's new romance

Jack Branning of EastEnders is expected to be enraged by Amy's new romance ...

EastEnders spoilers will be released shortly.

Jack Branning of EastEnders will be enraged by his daughter Amy's new romance in scenes which will air next week.

Nugget, Ravi's son, is looking for money for a school trip and decides to get it from Amy in the following scenes.

Amy and Nugget get into an argument, with Denzel also getting involved.

Later on, a frantic Jack and Howie inform Ravi that their children must leave for the school.

When Jack, Howie, and Ravi go to the school, they begin to scuffle as they each defend their children, until the teacher summons them all to the office and demands an explanation.

Martin informs an already irritated Jack when he notices Denzel and Amy holding hands.

Jack decides to confront Denzel and Amy about it, but they assure him that they were just getting ready for Nugget's birthday party, dissatisfied.

Denise, Kim, and Howie are all surprised by how overprotective Jack is.

Rose Ayling-Ellis' character Frankie Lewis left Albert Square for Scotland to take up a new role in last night's episode (September 22).

Rose said in a tweet posted to EastEnders' Twitter account that the show would not exist, and Frankie would not even exist. "Ive learned so much over my time here, that it will surely stay with me for the rest of my life."

"I'll miss everybody here. And I want to say the most sincere thank you to everybody here who works here and works hard. Bye-bye for now, and I'll see you later!"

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