Bachelorette producers' treatment of Tino Franco has sparked outrage among fans

Bachelorette producers' treatment of Tino Franco has sparked outrage among fans ...

Following the live stream of the After the Final Rose episode on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, fans are outraged.

Gabby Windey's first ever joint season of The Bachelorette ended with Erich Schwer's and Rachel Recchias' engagement to Tino Franco ending in deep regret when he admitted that he cheated on her. However, things weren't exactly perfect.

After filming had finished, producers decided to let Recchia explain a bit about what transpired between her and Franco over the past couple of months. Fans saw the two go in circles before finally giving up for good Recchia taking off her ring and handing it to Franco.

Nevertheless, several fans were concerned about what transpired next.

Here's all you need to know about it:

While Franco was still on the couch with Recchia, Jesse Palmer brought Aven Jones on the stage.

Jesse Palmer Palmer invited Franco to ATFR where he would sit down with Recchia and the two would begin the conversation all over again, this time in front of a live audience. Palmer moved things along, closing one door and opening another.

Palmer told Recchia that someone had come to the studio and wanted to meet her. She looked confused, but she was genuine, clearly unaware of what would happen next.

Palmer introduced Aven Jones, Recchia's runner-up, and her face completely lit up. Franco sat on the couch awkwardly. Jones asked Recchia to come out and catch up and she said, I would want nothing more. The two walked off the stage together, leaving Franco standing next to Palmer looking confused.

Many fans were dissatisfied with Franco's treatment.

Tino Franco (@tino.360) has shared a post.

The social media has been flooded with comments claiming that Franco did not deserve things to be as they were.

Tino is a bad guy but how it ended up being CRUEL. He f***** up, didn't know how to deal with it, and we all deal with difficult emotions in relationships, and we all know how long it takes to get through them. You're making it worse, Tino! One person wrote on a Reddit thread about the finale.

I think we can sympathize with Rachel and acknowledge that Tino wronged her and hurt her severely, and that she deserves to be punished for it, but we should not take the vengeful attitude that the appropriate and proportionate response is to humiliate him on national television (not just referring to the Aven segment but everything from the breakup through Aven and Rachel's departure). It's so shady to handle the situation, and it's harmful to both Rachel and Tino.

He deserved to be publicly humiliated on national television, seriously? A third Redditor believes he is stupid, but he did not deserve what happened to him last night on national television.

It was absolutely wrong they insulted Tino. Someone else said that they should have spent the time talking about Erichs' racism.