Splatoon 3 is a chaotic world that rules

Splatoon 3 is a chaotic world that rules ...

Splatoon 3 takes place in a post-post-apocalyptic world. Humanity as we know it has been wiped out by rising tides and its own over-ambition. Thousands of years later, ocean creatures dominate the world.

The world of Splatoon 3 is dominated by the Anarchy Splatcast, hosted by institution-favorable trio Deep Cut, who have an edgier personality than the pop princesses from previous games. Even the games seem to defy any sort of logic or order.

This hazy world was chosen by the players. One of the developers' regular online Splatfest competitions featured players choosing between two choices: Chaos or Order. Most Splatfests just reward the winning team in the end, but this particular event was different. The developers announced that this would be the baseline for the next game.

I cant imagine a world where team Order would triumph. Perhaps it is because I feel like a world that embraces chaos fits the fandom I see in Splatoon. Beyond seeing queer ships of characters, I often see Pride posts in Splatsville. For a community of gamers that often does not fit into the normative norms or normative expectations, entering a world that embraces joyous chaos is a constant pleasure.

Splatoon 3 is a surprising comfort for anyone looking ahead to the looming consequences of climate catastrophe. Sure, the apocalypse has hit, and workers are still exploited, but also, we get to dance. It's a world filled with colorful neon lights, paper lanterns, and graffiti. It's a sweet and somewhat bitter reminder that even if we don't survive the apocalypse, some other form of life can always find its own joy