Virgin River: What Season 5 Will Teach Us

Virgin River: What Season 5 Will Teach Us ...

It's been a little over two months since we were finally able to see all that Virgin River Season 4 had in store for us, and, as usual, the program did not disappoint. There were many other surprises involving people in the small town romance, as well as a big cliffhanger that will make things interesting for Charmaine the truly problematic lady in the next set of episodes.

While filming for Virgin River Season 5 is still ongoing, and the series is likely to re-launch until at least the summer of 2023, we have now had enough time to reflect on all of the happenings in the most recent season, and certainly have some questions that we wish to see answered when the drama returns with fresh episodes!

Who Is The Father Of Charmaines Twins?

Look at that! While many viewers were simply surprised by the fact that no one's favorite hairdresser is still pregnant, many of us also couldnt help but wonder if Charmaine was actually carrying Jacks twins. The final minutes of the Virgin River Season 4 finale confirmed our suspicions, when the panicking woman finally told the preparing papa-to-be and Mel that Jack is not the father.

This leaves us wondering who might be the absentee (though it's unlikely that he's to blame, considering how I'd rather Charmaine would have said anything to him) baby daddy. We dont know for sure whether or not the next season will unveil him, but for what it's worth, my moneys on Mike.

After seeing Jack was committed to Mel, why did Charmaine keep lying?

Are you also interested in this one? Sure, one could easily say that Charmaine is super petty and was so enraged that Jack chose not to take their situationship to the next level, and then rejected her completely for Mel, that she was in an effort to get revenge. However, there have been occasions when we can see that she is much more.

Why continue to run this huge ruse until she releases an explanation for his next season?

Is Vince Finally Out Of Everyones Life?

Vince tracked down Paiges' location and convinced a supposed friend to remove Preacher from the way so Vince could kidnap his nephew Christopher.

Oh, yeah, and he shot Jack and jailed Brady for the crime.

Vince was left unconscious (if not actually dead) after four seasons of his evil acts. Im really gonna need Season 5 to confirm that this deadly douche's reign is over.

Is Paige and Preacher really going to have a romance right now?

Paige, a long-time bachelor with zero kids, was clearly into each other before she had to flee her ex-husband's murderous acts. Why else would Preach, a long-time bachelor with zero kids, accept to care for young Christopher in her absence? In Season 4, Julia, Paige's potential love began to blossom.

Is it possible that Preacher's long-awaited romance with Paige will be renewed? Or, will he continue to do the horizontal mambo he did with his new lady friend in the coming season? NO, really TELL ME RIGHT NOW!

Did Jack Inadvertently Get Involved In The Illegal Drug Business?

In the fourth season, a poor, deceived Jack wanted to make some extra cash to better support his twins, and he established a rental property business with the help of Nick, who owns/operates the town B&B with his wife. Unfortunately, Nick's money appears to come from his sister, who is at least partly to blame for the illegal drug trade in Virgin River.

Nick introduced his sibling, Melissa, to Mel and Jack at the end of the show, and this might be a good indication that she's going to be putting the pressure on Jack to ensure that he's not just renting out an updated Airstream trailer to passengers. The Big Bad of the Fifth Season Has Arrived!

Nick Doesn't Know How Melissa Makes Money For The Family?

Nick has always sounded like the most normal of the townspeople on the show, and he has yet to appear to participate in any of the gossip that is usually aired. We are only now aware that he may be a bad guy, so Im hoping that the next season will confirm whether or not he knows how Melissa makes their fortune.

If Nick had hid his willing-to-let-people-die-for-cash side all these years, it might be a great cover for illegal nonsense. However, he may also be completely unaware, given that we already know how adept these people are at masking their criminal enterprises with legitimate businesses.

Virgin River Season 5 will be available to everyone with a Netflix subscription sometime in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, you may revisit Seasons 1-4 (opens in new tab) or check out any of the other bingeable Netflix shows!