Fans of League of Legends Worlds have been completely divided by a Lil Nas X song

Fans of League of Legends Worlds have been completely divided by a Lil Nas X song ...

The soundtrack to League of Legends Worlds has become an integral part of the MOBAs biggest event every year, and this year no exception. Star Walkin is a fun pop song created by Lil Nas X, who has a lot of League fans, but it is most certainly not enough hype.

When Lil Nas X became League of Legends president, they were asked to have their new song Star Walkin play whenever anything happens in the office; your phone rings? Star Walkin. Sending a document to the printer? Star Walkin. Want to sanitize your hands? Star Walkin!

The fact that office workers will be exposed to the pop tune constantly is quite appropriate, since anyone who is willing to watch Worlds will face the same fate, whether or not.

Riot has released a Worlds song that it did not compose in-house. Even when League of Legends bands like Imagine Dragons lend their voices, the game's creator is always keeping an eye on them. The Lil Nas X release, however, appears to have existed before the League connection was made, and thats where some fans' displeasure begins.

The reviews under the official music video for Star Walkin are mixed, with a lot of people liking the song, but perhaps not the mech-themed video: I mean, I like the song, but it did absolutely nothing to make me feel good, either. To the extent that I wonder if the video was for a song that was eliminated in the 11th hour and put this one in instead.

This next observation in particular echos my own sentiment: Song is catchy, video is cool, but somehow together they don't work too well. Both are attractive and deserve their inclusion, but it doesn't seem to mesh the way that 2018s RISE did. A music video that showed a warriors rise to the top of their craft (and a mountain)

Maybe Star Walkin lacks the speed that he is used to in League of Legends cinematic art. Mechs are cool, and the song itself is catchy as hell (especially if you play it at 1.25 speed). There are also other possibilities; for instance, Blitzcrank might soon be terrorizing the top lane, and Im sorry in advance.