Toxapex gets a minor boost ahead of its introduction to Pokemon Go

Toxapex gets a minor boost ahead of its introduction to Pokemon Go ...

Mareanie and its evolved form, Toxapex, will be released to Pokemon Go starting on September 27, during the Fashion Week 2022 event. However, before it arrives, Niantic has given it a minor makeover to make a more balanced Pokemon when it comes to PvP encounters.

Pokeminers, a data mining company, discovered the information. Late yesterday night, a pokemon update revealed that the development team had swapped out one of Toxapexs charged attack moves, Muddy Water, and switched it with Brine.

Today we have a few Pokemon updates, including a move change for Mareanie and Toxapex as well as several camera improvements for what appears to be Halloween-themed Pokemon and others.

Muddy Water is a Water-type move that does 35 damage to opponents and costs 50 energy. Whenever it attacks, it has a 30% chance to reduce the opponent's attack by one rank. Brine is a Water-type move that does 60 damage to an opponent, and costs 50 energy.

Without Muddy Water, the Toxapex will not have a low-energy debuff in its charged attack moveset, which can be extremely beneficial if someone drops this attack, weakening their opponent. Brine removes the debuff completely and comes out with a somewhat weaker attack that a Toxapex will not be able to spam.

Toxapex is shaping up to be an excellent Pokemon for the Great League owing to its incredible strength, resistances to Bug, Fairy, Fight, Fire, Ice, Poison, Steel, and Water-type attacks, and its only weakness is to Electric, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks. On top of this, Toxapex's moveset still contains Poison Jab as its preferred fast move and Sludge Wave as a charged attack.

The change transforms Toxapex from a required Great League Pokemon to a solid addition to any team. Players shouldnt feel like they need to prepare to defend it consistently, but it will be a nasty opponent whenever someone encounters it. Were pleased to see its arrival during Fashion Week.