Elizabeth Gillies and 'Spread': An Adult Magazine Comedy Production Has Begun

Elizabeth Gillies and 'Spread': An Adult Magazine Comedy Production Has Begun ...

Spread, Fox's latest original film from the free streaming service Tubi, is in the works. Elizabeth Gillies and Harvey Keitel star in the film. Ruby (Gillies) is an aspiring feminist journalist who finds herself desperately needing work at Spread, an adult magazine that her best days have passed. She impresses her new boss, faded porno king Frank Ferretti (Keitel), and gets assigned to design the company's new app. Along the way, she discovers her opinion of the

Diedrich Bader, Teri Polo, Tim Rozon, Blake Harrison, Keith Walker, Dia Frampton, Jonah Platt, and Diora Baird will star in the film. According to Tubi's Chief Content Officer Adam Lewison, the film has "a wholly distinct voice from an incredible funny and perceptive screenplay."

Gillies, who is well-known for playing a regular on Victorious and Dynasty, has recently portrayed the titular role in Catwoman: Hunted and guest-starred in The Orville. Keitel is a screen veteran with a long history with Martin Scorsese, appearing in six of his films, including Mean Streets, The Last Temptation of Christ, and The Irishman.

Bader is a regular on The Drew Carey Show, appearing in several comedy roles such as Robin on The Brave and the Bold and Harley Quinn. Polo is well-known for her roles in the Meet the Parents comedies, including recently staring in Fox's The Big Leap. Craig achieved fame on General Hospital, and is currently staring in Kate & Koji.

Gillies will direct Spread, executive-produce it, and work with Stan Spry, Eric Scott Woods, and Graem Luis; screenwriter Charlet will co-produce. Cartel Pictures and Tubi Films are producing.

Tubi will debut Spread next year.