The easiest way to watch all of the Star Wars films and shows is through the internet

The easiest way to watch all of the Star Wars films and shows is through the internet ...

The Skywalker saga is complete, the Clone Wars animated series is coming to an end (sort of), the Mandalorian is almost back for another season, and there will be no release date for Star Wars films in the near future. And with that, there has never been a better time to catch up on all things Star Wars. Disney Plus has every movie and show that is currently canon.

What are the best ways to see it? Star Wars fans debated whether or not to watch the series prior to George Lucas' release. Today, with animated and live-action spinoffs, the proper way to watch the Star Wars saga is even more complicated. Here are a few different viewing orders to guide you, whether you're a long-time fan who wants to revisit the films and shows or a newcomer who wants a Star Wars crash course.

Watching Star Wars in chronological order

This is how the events in the Star Wars universe happened on the BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin)/ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) timeline. It starts with the earliest events and moves forward in time from there. A couple of these may happen simultaneously, but thats not our fault.

Watching Star Wars in Skywalker Saga order

This list draws on the internet-famous Ernst Rister order that was originally posted on a now-defunct forum thread and concentrates more on Luke Skywalker. By watching the movies and shows this way, you will be able to trace his family back.

This order differs from the Skywalker tale between Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi, but it gives you a much better understanding of Anakins' Clone Wars heroics and establishes his symbolic victory over Emperor Palpatine in the new trilogy.

Watching Star Wars in ... galaxy brain order

This playlist is for people who have seen all of Star Wars enough times to wish to mix things up with a truly weird experience. It doesn't really complement any one character or plot as much as the series as a whole. It's nice to keep all of the minor ones aside and connect them to the next, though youll probably miss a few.

The first few entries focus on the Rebellion. Then, at its lowest point, we turn sides to Anakin to see how he became Darth Vader and how the Empire gained control of the galaxy. After that, we see the fall of the Empire in The Mandalorian and the aftermath in The Mandalorian and the Book of Boba Fett.

The last weird piece of this order is repositioning the new trilogy with Han as a more prominent character. We see his family struggle in The Force Awakens, then recapture his backstory with Solo. This order makes Luke giving Hans lucky dice to Leia in The Last Jedi a bit more important event, and makes it clear that this is Luke attempting to reconcile some of the pain he brought to the Hans family.

Up until the planning meeting for the Battle of Yavin, watch A New Hope for the entirety, then watch Andor Season 1, then return to the rest of A New Hope. This way, Rogue One plays a heroic flashback for the Rebellion.

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