How to Get Rid of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta on PC

How to Get Rid of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta on PC ...

Modern Warfare 2 players are being locked out of the multiplayer beta on PC due to a new glitch, and here are some suggestions on how to prevent this frustrating situation from happening to you.

Call of Duty players had the chance to see the new Gunsmith system on the release date of Modern Warfare 2 on October 28.

However, the community has reported issues with the open beta, such as gameplay-breaking glitches, and one of these is completely locking PC players out. Here's what you should do if you have encountered this problem.

How to Get Rid of the Modern Warfare 2 PC Beta

You must avoid restarting your PC several times in order to avoid getting locked out of the Modern Warfare 2 beta. This is because restarting might prompt a message to ask for your phone verification again.

NOTE: Steam/MWII will ask you for your phone number verification again when #MWII players begin their beta on Steam (PC). However, if you repeat the same number several times, Steam will lock your PC. Do not restart your PC multiple times.

Multiple Modern Warfare 2 players who started the beta on Steam after restarting their PC reported receiving this message. However, entering this same number repeatedly caused them to get locked by Steam.

Beenox advises against changing your username to avoid being locked out of the beta. Steam users who have no existing linked account will receive a random username when creating an ATVI account. Repeating the same username may lock you out of the beta.

Players who join the beta may have to restart the game in the middle of the night, as some players are experiencing crash issues. This is another issue that Beenox has responded to on Twitter, telling players to restart manually.

If you don't already have an existing account linked to your ATVI account, you'll be issued a random username. Please feel free to modify it during the process.

So, at the time of writing, the developers havent released a major fix to complete the task of removing this issue, so you'll just have to stick with these methods for the time being. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.

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