Alfie Moon's new scheme is shown for the first time in EastEnders

Alfie Moon's new scheme is shown for the first time in EastEnders ...

The spoilers for EastEnders are below.

Following his recent return to Albert Square, EastEnders has released a first look at Alfie Moon's new scheme.

Alfie returned to Walford on Kat Slater's wedding day recently, and in new scenes scheduled to air on Wednesday, October 5, he turns his hand to attempting to entice customers to the Queen Vic.

Alfie is urging anyone passing by the Vic to come inside for International Margarita Day, as you can see in the picture below.

He has difficulties in bringing in business, especially when he learns that everyone is attending Peggy's instead of Jay's surprise birthday celebrations.

Alfie lied and claimed that Lola had changed the venue of the party in an effort to profit from it. Linda gets wind of his untruthful, sneaky, suggestion and warns him that his plots are prohibited at The Vic.

Will Alfie be able to get away with it if he does not intend to back down that easily?

Shane Richie admitted that his character is in for a lot of trouble, according to the actor, who remains very much "the old Alfie."

"You know, the guy who looked after his Nana Moon and put his heart on his sleeve and tries to conceal everything. He still gets it wrong," he said.

"The drama on a show like this works when you get the light and the shade, and I'm happy to come in and bring the lightness." If Alfie can get up to his old tricks and his scams, then the drama is much more dramatic.

"I'm very happy to come and play the joker, because that means the drama is so much greater."

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