Harvestella's release date, trailers, and more are on the way

Harvestella's release date, trailers, and more are on the way ...

Square Enix has announced a new game, especially when it happens during a Nintendo Direct, which happens to be the case for the live-simulator RPG Harvestella, which will launch on Nintendo Switch later this year. Do you just love it when the wait for a game is months rather than years?

Since the release date for Harvestella is nearing, it's only appropriate to take a moment to think about what you can expect from the title. In a nutshell, you can expect to fight, farm, and forge lasting friendships with those around you. That's right, this is another take on the idyllic farm life that many of us enjoy virtually.

The beginning of your journey begins in the town of Lethe, a small village where you can meet many different townspeople and go about your everyday life peacefully. That is until Quietus rolls around the season of death, and that's when your adventure begins. You must work to save the town from what may be a horrible fate.

What is the Harvestella release date?

Harvestella will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 4, 2022. You may also purchase it on Steam if you don't want to play it on your Switch console.

Is there a Harvestella demo?

There is now a Harvestella demo available, as announced in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct, giving you the chance to try the game out before release to ensure you like it.

Is there a Harvestella trailer?

There is, of course, a trailer for this game below. It's safe to say that this game looks stunning.

Where can I get a Harvestella pre-order?

Pre-orders on Steam and eshop are only open for PC users for the time being, but as soon as pre-orders open on Amazon and the internet, please post a link.

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